General Provisions 

The offer of this online store is offered byAgonize owned by Barbara  Cammera according to the current regulations on e-commerce and distance selling. Agonize is authorized dealer of all brands on the site.



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Agonize owned by Barbara Cammera, Prolungamento Aschenez n.13 – 89128 – Reggio Calabria (Italy). Mobile: +39 347410665 E-mail: info@agonize.it . 

Customer declarest to have read all of the above information and general terms of sale before placing order. 


General Terms of Sale

These terms and conditions ( “General Terms” ) govern the terms and conditions of sale of products marketed by Agonize ( the “products” ). All contracts for the sale of products by Agonize to third parties ( the “customer”) are governed by these general terms and conditions, which form an integral and substantial part of each proposal, order and order confirmation of purchase of the products. Termn of sale applicable to orders are those in force at the date of the order.